Here at BC Event Media, we are not too fond of making sales pitches and bragging about what we have and what we can do. We will simply let our past clients speak for the quality of wedding DJ services we provide.

Personalized service

“My husband and I are not the cookie-cutter type of people—and so, when we encountered BC Event Media as recommended by a friend who got married the year before we did, we found our perfect match! Kirk, our MC, was warm and accommodating. He made sure to learn as much as he could about us as a couple, and this helped him give us a personalized service. He also gave us wonderful ideas to make our reception fun and memorable.” – Megan, married in California on December 2016

Smart event hosts and DJs

“We’re forever grateful to your team for giving us one-of-a-kind hosts and a DJ. They know how to run a good party. Even our guests keep on raving about how much fun they had during our reception, all thanks to BC Event Media!” – Lauren, married in Nevada on July 2014

“Lively MC with just the right amount of humor”

“What impressed me the most about BC Event Media is that they treat us as if our event is also important to them. They gave us an MC who’s so brilliant that our guests had a lot of laughs but can be serious enough when needed.” – Jim, married in California on November 2016