How to use a turntable to make music

Making music from a turntable is an art. Using it in the right way will allow you to explore the world of beat making. You will be in a position to come up with music that is fun and creative. Since turntablism is a skill, there are a few things you need to do,to create music.

1.Ensure you have the right equipment. Start by getting the basic DJ setup. This means that you get two direct-drive turntables, vinyl records for practice, and a mixer. However, most digital controllers and CD turntables offer features that make it possible to make music comfortably. These features include scratching, making beat loops, reverse playing, and others. The next step is to find a mixture with a curve adjustment. That adjustment on the cross-fader allows you to have more control of the sound. Get a slip mat to use between the record and the platter. These slip-mats are essential when you have to put your hand or a finger on the record to stop it from moving. You can also buy a product known as magic carpet’ that helps to reduce friction. How much friction you need to cut depends on your equipment, so make sure you find the balance that works for your turntable, not to mention get yourself some sick deals.

2.Make a vinyl records collection to sample. As a turntablist, you need a variety of records from which you will create your music. You will basically beputting into use beats from records and some portion samples from other records to build sound, and this is only achievable when you are choosing from a variety. Before you pick up a record, make sure you listen to it first to ensure they will be useful to your performance or practice. For DJs, there are non-skippable records which have been made to repeat the samples in such a way that in case your needle skips, you will not move from the sound you are using. You can also use Cappella records to identify a sound that you can use.

3.Find a sound or sample to practice on and mark the groove. Listen to your records carefully paying attention to moments that could be used to build entire song. Such moments as beat breaks are commonly used to make hip-hop beats while instrumental tracks are often used for melody lines. When you pick up something, you might want to use, stop the record then go back to the exact moment when that particular sound begins. Some people physically mark the groove using stickers by directly putting them on the record. Some DJs however, do not to use labels, so you are at free will to use whatever works for you. When the sound ends, stop the record using fingertips, then bring it backward at a speed similar to that which it played when moving forward. It should produce a sound similar to reversing on the turntable. To get a scratch sound, pick a proper blank beat then rock the platter in back and forth motions over that sound.

4.Push your record forwardDo this, instead of slowing down the sound or letting it play at regular intervals. This will produce a sharp sound. Repeat this for the reverse, and then do it to the music. Start with a bit that is slow then pick up on the faster ones. When you have perfected doing them at a reasonable speed, vary the rhythms as you develop, and you will have made your music.Making music on the turntable is not very difficult. However, like any other skill, it needs practice. Have the right equipment, good records, and a passion for making music, and you will be good to go.