Personalized service

He made sure to learn as much as he could about us as a couple, and this helped him give us a personalized service. He also gave us wonderful ideas to make our reception fun and memorable.

Smart Event hosts and DJs

We’re forever grateful to your team for giving us one-of-a-kind hosts and a DJ. They know how to run a good party. Even our guests keep on raving about how much fun they had during our reception

Lively MC

“What impressed me the most about BC Event Media is that they treat us as if our event is also important to them. They gave us an MC who’s so brilliant that our guests had a lot of laughs but can be serious enough when needed.

How to Find the Best Master of Ceremonies for Your Wedding Reception

The master of ceremonies of your wedding reception can make or break your event. The MC implements the reception program as planned. He makes several important announcements—from the arrival of the newlywed couple to their departure for their honeymoon. When nothing is going on, the MC entertains and interacts with the audience to prevent dead air. The MC also organizes toasts and keeps the party in a festive mood and at the right pace.

Because an MC has so many tasks in his hands during your wedding reception, you have to choose the right one who can handle the job excellently. You need a great MC who can help you make your wedding reception a memorable event for you and your guests.

Assess the MC’s hosting skills and personality

A great MC possesses the right skills and personality to do the hosting job very well. Choose someone who is outgoing and skilled at talking with any guest at the reception. You may want to hire an MC who has a great sense of humor to keep the audience entertained and engaged.

Aside from the talent to make the guests laugh, your MC should be respectable enough to sustain your guests’ attention.

Choose an MC with great public speaking skills

In any event or gathering, nobody appreciates an MC who frequently stutters as though it’s his first time to speak in front of an audience. Find someone who is comfortable and experienced at speaking in any event.

Hire a professional MC

You may opt to hire a professional MC if nobody from your family or friends can emcee your wedding reception. You can look for public speakers in your telephone directory. Or you can make things simpler by doing research online. Right here at BC Event Media, you can find the perfect professional DJ services with a master of ceremonies package.

Choosing the right MC for your wedding reception can be quite challenging yet a rewarding decision. When deciding which person is fit for the job, make sure that he can handle the job and pressure very well.