Background can be a weapon which if used right can make sure that your subject is the centre of the attention. One of the major mistakes that most beginners make is not paying attention to the background, which can make the whole look of the picture faint. It is important that one keeps track of the subject when you are composing the whole picture. Here are some tips which can make sure that you achieve the right blend of the background.

Choose a plain background

One of the best ways to make sure that the focus is one the subject is the fact that you go with bold colours and strong patterns which can make for the best plain background which will stand out to make a better image of the subject. You can also aim for a low angle which will help ensure that you have a good plain background which will give a feeling of getting high above the subject when it comes to taking the picture.


Give your subject some distance

When you are trying to distract the subject to run too close to the background, try to make sure that you have the right focus by your side. You can easily make the subject stand out by putting distance between the subject and the background. This will allow you to have sharp features while having a blurred-out effect with the help of the right aperture setting. You can also completely blur out the background, which is one of the best ways to focus particularly in the environmental portraits to keep the background recognisable.

Crop in tight

This is an age-old trick which can make the subject the centre of attention as well as blend in with the background. This is one which can give total attention to the subject with nothing in the photo. Getting the food super close will make sure that you have the view of the subject, which can make everything better from any distant background.

Create a balance

When you are in a situation, you have no control over you can make sure to create a balance. Look at the object, shapes and lighting and try to create a composition and make sure that the whole image can be complimented.

Change your point of view

In the quest of achieving a better background which will make when they move the camera position. If you are set to compose an image, it is important that you see that there is no distraction in the background which can move your camera. If you think you have the right skill to be the best contact us at photo booth hire sydney, australia and get a chance to work for us.