Personalized service

He made sure to learn as much as he could about us as a couple, and this helped him give us a personalized service. He also gave us wonderful ideas to make our reception fun and memorable.

Smart Event hosts and DJs

We’re forever grateful to your team for giving us one-of-a-kind hosts and a DJ. They know how to run a good party. Even our guests keep on raving about how much fun they had during our reception

Lively MC

“What impressed me the most about BC Event Media is that they treat us as if our event is also important to them. They gave us an MC who’s so brilliant that our guests had a lot of laughs but can be serious enough when needed.


Background can be a weapon which if used right can make sure that your subject is the centre of the attention. One of the major mistakes that most beginners make is not paying attention to the background, which can make the whole look of the picture faint. It is important that one keeps track of the subject when you are composing the whole picture. Here are some tips which can make sure that you achieve the right blend of the background.

Choose a plain background

One of the best ways to make sure that the focus is one the subject is the fact that you go with bold colours and strong patterns which can make for the best plain background which will stand out to make a better image of the subject. You can also aim for a low angle which will help ensure that you have a good plain background which will give a feeling of getting high above the subject when it comes to taking the picture.


Give your subject some distance

When you are trying to distract the subject to run too close to the background, try to make sure that you have the right focus by your side. You can easily make the subject stand out by putting distance between the subject and the background. This will allow you to have sharp features while having a blurred-out effect with the help of the right aperture setting. You can also completely blur out the background, which is one of the best ways to focus particularly in the environmental portraits to keep the background recognisable.

Crop in tight

This is an age-old trick which can make the subject the centre of attention as well as blend in with the background. This is one which can give total attention to the subject with nothing in the photo. Getting the food super close will make sure that you have the view of the subject, which can make everything better from any distant background.

Create a balance

When you are in a situation, you have no control over you can make sure to create a balance. Look at the object, shapes and lighting and try to create a composition and make sure that the whole image can be complimented.

Change your point of view

In the quest of achieving a better background which will make when they move the camera position. If you are set to compose an image, it is important that you see that there is no distraction in the background which can move your camera. If you think you have the right skill to be the best contact us at photo booth hire sydney, australia and get a chance to work for us.


Diamond engagement Rings

The History Of Wedding Rings 

Types of wedding ring; Wedding rings are divided into two major categories; Flat Bands; They are as simple as the sound. However, the book can’t be judged by its cover. Most of these pieces are not as cheap as they sound or look. Their price is highly dependent on the material used to make it.   Since they are the most sorts for, they are readily available in most jewelry shops. They also come in engravings of ones preferences from particular stores to make them more meaningful and personal.


Raced Diamond;   Raced diamond rings are more sophisticated and expensive than the earlier. This is because of the special diamond racing placed around it with a particular pattern which may be custom or pre-modelled. You can get the best, customized raced diamond rings at unbelievable price at  This is a variant that attracts a lot of imitation with similar cheaper materials. It also sells fast since it is shiny and we all know how all this works when things glitter.

Gemstone rings;   Rubies and Sapphires built on a thin ring look good on anyone. As a wedding ring, it adds color and sparkles to the brides figure. The value of this particular variant can be priceless especially when it comes to particular kind of rubies. Their uniqueness can be preserved on rings for generations without losing their stunning sparkle and value. History;   Wedding rings and bands are used all over the world to signify marital status with regard to the figure worn, as a fashion tool known as fashion jewelry and also as a sign of membership or affiliations to a certain tribe, cult or culture following. Their significance varies from societies, cultures, religions where in each, a certain wearing may mean different to the other.

Much can be said about this whole ring business but none can give you the exact time when this trend started. However, the most through trace reports points its origins to the ancient Rome, Greece Egypt where most of the jewelry trends started. Before the precious stone rings, it is said that twigs would be twisted to form a ring which would be used as a ring in weddings.  The largest evolution of wedding rings was witnessed in the 1000BC when the circular ring was put as a universal symbol of marriage in all religion. This saw the make and style revised to how the ring originally appeared, the materials used and value go up by folds.  3000 BC is the first known record of the exchange of the ring of love in Egypt where a woman would receive a twist of twigs or reeds or leather to signify marriage.


circular shape

The reasoning behind its circular shape was;  -The two ends coming together to form the endless circle stood for the two people taking the oath to become one.  -The circle representing the unending love that they had for each other.  -To signify no end to the life as eternal as it is thought of in love.  The form, shape, mode and material of the ring evolved with time from the twigs to simple stone curved, shells, metals and expensive gems as time passed. The value of the ring has always been on the rise but the meaning rarely changes when it comes to the love life.

Tips for choosing a wedding venue

At the time of planning your wedding, the most important decision you make is the reception/ceremony venue. Here we’re going to talk about a few things that you must keep in your mind when you’re about to choose your wedding venue. Taking a look at these tips will help you save a lot of money on your wedding day.

Consider the weather

Considering the weather is always wise, regardless of when or where you’re planning a wedding. You must ask about the policies of venue because no one can guarantee the perfect weather on their wedding day. You’ll be able to stay secure from a lot of stress if you choose a venue that has a backup for the rainy weather.

You must also make sure that the reception and ceremony venue of your wedding is completely insured. And you must ask the administration about what does the insurance cover.

Review a sample contract

Before signing your own contract, you must ask the administration to provide you a sample contract so that you may recognize the costs involved. Some expenses that you might not have expected will also be there in the sample contract such as taxes, parking fees, food and beverage minimums etc.

Flexibility of dates

Have you thought of getting married on the weekday, if you’re planning on a budget? Some menus offer lower minimums or a discounted rate for different days of the week while the most popular days for weddings are weekends.

Don’t feel shy to ask your potential venues if they offer such a facility. If you live in Austin you can easily find super cheap wedding venues in Austin TX for weekends as well. Getting married in the off season will also help you save a lot of money.

Use what’s around

You’ll find a multitude of design elements and décor in most of the venues. You can use that as your wedding theme. Look around to find such kind of elements once you’ve found a suitable venue that meets your needs.

For example, at a vintage-styled wedding, authentic antiques can blend in well. Thus, you’ll be able to save plenty of money that you have to spend on purchasing or renting other decorations. A venue that is always furnished with chairs, linens, and tables, can help you save a lot more money.


This is what many wedding experts suggest when it comes to saving the money when you’re planning for the wedding. Having the ceremony and reception at the same venue helps you save a lot of money for traveling and many other things.

Paying fees for two separate locations can be a lot more expensive so try to reduce the costs by choosing a single location for both the functions. If you pay the full amount in advance, you may also ask the administration to offer you some kind of discount.

How much Does it Cost to Fly Private?

It can cost anywhere between a thousand to three thousand dollars per hour to fly private. It is not cheap but it will give you a sense of privacy. If you have experiences of encountering rude passengers in previous flights, you know you would not want to fly with a commercial flight again. Flying a private jet has its perks. Since it is a small private jet, you are like in a five star hotel and you can order room service anytime you want. You can drink alcohol without anybody screaming at you for that deed. You know it is your own rules and nobody else can do anything about that. There is even no need to wait for a long line just to board a flight. You can dictate when you are going to take off. It will be a lot faster too since it will carry a lot less people than a commercial flight. In addition, you are going to be served fine food. You can learn more about Jettly Rentals by checking out their website.  Better go to a nearby place since the charge for a private jet is in an hourly basis. After all, you would not want to fly to the other side of the world as that would cost a lot. Private jets are usually used for sole missions.

There are a few factors that can affect the cost of the private jet since it can be as much as 3,000. If it is that much, you know you are going to be treated like royalty from the moment you step into the plane until the time it is time to get off of it. The jet will also be thoroughly cleaned and you won’t encounter a single dust particle on it. There are private jet companies that allow you to pay in an installment basis so you won’t need to pay such a huge amount in one transaction. That would be a big benefit so you won’t need to withdraw such a large amount from the nearest ATM. The private jet company is even available 24 hours a day so they will give you expert advice on how to book your next trip the right way. After all, they would want nothing more than for your trip to go as good as planned.

The number of people coming with you would be a big factor in determining the cost of the private jet. If it is a huge jet, you can pay as much as thirteen thousand dollars per hour. Thus, you will need to shell out a bit more than what you were expecting. You can expect great treatment from the people who work inside the jet though. When you experiencing getting sandwiched by two fat people in commercial flights, riding on a private jet would be a big sigh of relief. After all, you never know what problems you may run into in a commercial flight. Finally, you know you will never run out of food when you are in a private jet.