How to Make a Perfect Proposal to Your Loved One?

When it comes to making a proposal to the loved one, everybody wants to do something unique and different. Usually, people consider proposing their loved ones in a restaurant by providing them a ring while there are others that propose their loved one in public by presenting them a ring. The purpose is the same but the criteria that different people use is different.

If you want to make this moment memorable, you should think of doing something unique so that your loved one may get inspired by the proposal. You can choose to make use of different kinds of ideas to make that moment perfect. Here, we will talk about a few different ideas that can help in making a perfect proposal.

These ideas will make that moment amazing for you and you’d never forget the expressions that would appear on your lover’s face. We have brought some unique ideas that will leave your loved one shocked and they would always keep these moments in their memories. You need to find the best palavras para conquistar the heart of your loved one. Here are the ideas you can use if you want to dominate the heart of your loved one by making the perfect proposal.


The idea of using the fireworks to make a proposal to your loved one is really interesting. You need to set a proper plan on the countryside and then take your loved one to the point where fireworks are supposed to be launched. Make sure that you have several friends there to help launch the fireworks. This idea would definitely work and your loved one would become a fan of this amazing surprise.

Take help from kids

The kids can represent the proposal in a perfect way. There are many ideas you can use to make the proposal with the help of the kids. You can either send them one by one with a flower in their hands or you can also provide them the props to represent the proposal while you both are sitting in the restaurant.

In a shopping mall

Take your loved one to a shopping mall and then propose them in front of all others while the romantic music is playing in the background. The girls immediately get inspired by such kind of ideas because they want to marry someone that is romantic enough to keep them happy throughout their life. What can be more romantic than representing a proposal in front of the public with light background music?

Love pendant

You can also offer them a love pendant while you are sitting in the restaurant. Make sure that you add the picture of your both in the pendant. Thus, they’d always keep the pendant with them and it will always bring a smile on their face. Click Here and take a look at some other tips if you want to make the perfect proposal to your loved one.

5 Tips on How to Take Better Photographs

If you are a photographer and would like to take better photos, there are lots of things you can do to improve the quality of your images. Even a beginner can create professional-looking digital photos that are suitable for framing.

You need to be very careful about certain things when it comes to photography. You can make your photo beautiful by following simple rules and these are as follows:

1. Proper lighting:

Do you ever think what makes your photo more effective and highlighted is lighting. You should always make best use of available light while capturing a photo. Lighting plays a fundamental role in the quality of photography. Make the possible use of natural light as it adds depth to your photos. That’s why these photographers in Montreal got so many good shots on that grey day they went out.  Many pictures that have proper lighting condition in it are more beautiful and amazing than the other type of photos.

2. Right shot at right time:

Do not wait for any miracle to happen. When you see any shot to capture take it. Do not miss any natural shot or if your subject is living creature take the shots which expressed their feeling and mood. Such photos tell a story to the viewer. Do not always focus on taking posed shots. Natural beauty always adds quality to the photography. It matters a lot that you press the button at right time because it may happen that moment is just for fraction of seconds.
3. Take multiple shots:

Don’t be over-confident when it comes to photography. Maybe you are a master in your field of photography but you never know which shot can be your best. Take multiple shots at one time and choose the best picture out of them. Take shots from various angles of one pose. Always try to develop something new and innovative in your photography.

4. Check your focus, aperture and shutter speed:

When you set your frame just check that your aperture and shutter speed is correct and your subject is in focus not out of focus. When these three things- aperture, shutter speed and focus are set properly then your shot is definitely going to be the best. It depends upon aperture that how much amount of light will enter into the camera. Thus, these are crucial elements of photography.

5. Make a plan:

Before doing anything we always make plan. Then, why we tend to avoid making any rough plan while clicking photography. Always make rough idea in your mind that what kind of shot you will click. Set your compositions beforehand. Decide about location, costume, subject, poses and ideas before a day or two.

The most popular places in San Francisco to have your wedding

The wedding is the most amazing moment in someone’s life where they want to create lots of memories to relive these amazing moments whenever they get to see these memories. There are several things involved in this amazing event such as dress, reception, and friends that can make it the most memorable event of your life.

It is an interesting event of your life but it requires lots of hard work and effort to make this event the most amazing event of your life. You need to choose between different things to find the perfect and unique things for you. Choosing the perfect wedding venue is the most difficult decision you need to make when choosing between different things for different moments of this event.

If you live in San Francisco, then it may be easier for you to choose because there are multiple options available for you to choose from such as San Francisco City Hall etc. But this availability of multiple options sometimes makes it difficult for you to choose that what wedding venue going to be perfect for your event.

Today, we are going to talk about the most popular places in San Francisco where you can organize your wedding ceremony. The venues we’re going to discuss are very popular and they are the best venues in San Francisco. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wedding venues.

San Francisco City Hall

Those who don’t have any idea about San Francisco’s wedding hall should be thinking that how a city hall can be the perfect place for a wedding while city halls in most of the places are the municipal buildings have a dour atmosphere and a peeling paint in them which is not ideal for a wedding.

But if you take a look at the City Hall of San Francisco, you’ll realize that it is the best Location for conducting a wedding ceremony as it has a Beaux-Arts monument in it. One of the favorite element for the wedding ceremonies is the grand staircase located in the middle of the hall. The soaring columns and marble floors make the hall look amazingly beautiful for conducting a wedding.

If you organize your wedding ceremony in the City Hall, you’ll get appreciation from all your guests and this wedding will be one of the most memorable weddings ever. You’ll enjoy watching the beautiful moments captured in this beautiful venue.


Opulence is the also one of the most amazing wedding venues in San Francisco. It was built for the Federal Reserve Bank in 1924 at the Bently Reserve. It has a beaux-arts colonnade, Italian Marble Floors, Travertine walls and a soaring hall.

There are multiple rows of Doric Columns are used in the 34-foot tall ceilings. If you want to impress your guests with a perfect setting, then Opulence is the perfect place for you.

Gear you can use to make your wedding photos pop

The wedding is an event where lots of photos are captured. People try their best to capture every moment of their wedding to make it a part of their memories. You can capture as many photos as you want but the photos won’t look amazing unless you add some special aspects to them.

Anyone can capture a photo but capturing the perfect shot is not everybody’s cup of tea. In this article, we’re going to talk about some useful tips that’ll help you capture the amazing moments of your wedding in a wonderful way.

Rather than filling your photo boxes with useless stuff, you must focus on capturing the perfect photographs that’ll help you make beautiful memories. Here are the tips that’ll help you make your wedding photos pop.


The location of your wedding reception plays an important role in capturing the amazing pictures. If you find a place that has sufficient sources of light, you’ll be able to capture the amazing moments of your wedding in a perfect way.

The location you choose for the reception should also include some natural elements in it so that you may add a natural look to your images.

Professional help

Hiring a professional photographer is the perfect way of capturing amazing images. A photographer knows that what angles are perfect for capturing photos and he’ll also suggest you some poses for pictures where you both will look beautiful.

The knowledge and experience of the professional photographer will help you add a professional look to your images.


Props are commonly used these days. You can also use some props to add a creative look to your images. You can buy the unique looking props from the stores or you can create your own according to the event. You can also hold some cards in your hands with some exciting messages on the cards.

Photo booth

A photo booth at the wedding might appear to be an outdated idea but believe me, it’s definitely going to work. You can make different poses and faces to capture mesmerizing images. You may also ask your friends to join you in the booth so that the images may look more and more beautiful.


Friends are life and they make every moment of your life amazing. The smile that appears on your face in the company of your friends can’t be experienced in their absence. The friends make some fun with you and help you feel happy.

Be calm

We know that most of the people get confused on their wedding after watching a huge crowd of people. You must control yourself from being confused otherwise the pictures will relate that how confused were you on your wedding day.

You must make sure that you feel calm and relaxed so that your pictures may appear amazing and wonderful.

What are the most expensive wedding venues in the world?

Everyone dream about their wedding and how they are going to celebrate this special day with their partner. Many people go for the themes and special venues to make this day unforgettable.

If you want to celebrate this day in a luxurious style and want to know about the best luxurious venues then here is the guide.


If you have a dream of getting your own island and want to make your wedding day memorable then you should go for the little palm island resort. This resort is a great dream destination for your wedding.

The management there allows you to book the whole island for your wedding where you and your friends are going to enjoy it amazingly. You can take 60 guests with you and can enjoy the day with your loved ones.


What’s best than getting married in the heart of the New York where your loved ones are with you and you can celebrate the wedding like you have always imagined. Tribeca rooftop is the place where you will be able to get some great views.


This building consists of 12 floors and now you will be able to get the views on your wedding day like empire state building and Hudson River. You will be able to get the best photographs from here with your partner.


This place is the best one for you and for your partner to create memories. The appearance of the jet inspired hotel is absolutely perfect for the wedding imagination and you can apply amazing decorations in it.

This jet hotel is inspired from the aeronautical theme and you will love the venue when you are passionate about the planes or flying. You need to stretch your budget for this too. This is one of the great Wedding venues in England – Lancashire page.


Are you a fan of the Game of Thrones? Do you want to have this kind of theme in your wedding when you are in Rome? And you’re going to enjoy a filmy view if you’re going to get married in this venue.

You can bring about 1000 guests at this place and you can have as many photographs as you like and you can fulfill all your heart desires. If you have a wedding budget about $50,000 then you are good to go for this venue.


The wedding package for this wedding starts from the $10,000 if you have 14 guests and the celebration will last for three nights. You can see the mountains around the place and valley which add the luxurious and beautiful look to the venue.

You and your special guests are going to enjoy the amazing environment of South Africa.

Security tips for budget outdoor wedding ceremonies at your home

Getting married is one of the most beautiful moments of your life. There are several things that are worth focusing on the beautiful event of wedding. You need to make all the preparations in order to make your wedding day perfect. The most important thing that you need to consider when preparing for the wedding ceremony is the venue where you’re going to organize your wedding ceremony.

There are several places that you can choose from but there are a few people who don’t have enough budgets to get married in an outdoor venue due to which they decide to organize their wedding at their home. Organizing your wedding at home is also a fun way of enjoying this event but the problem with organizing this event at home is that you have to face some problems that rarely appear in the traditional wedding venues.

For example, you need to take permission from the local authorities and you also need to arrange the proper security if you want to make this event secure for your guests. On the wedding day, you invite a number of guests and it’s your responsibility to make sure that they stay safe when they are at your home.

There are several ways you can use to ensure the safety of your guests. We’re going to mention a few useful and cost-effective ways that you can use to ensure the safety of your guests. Let’s take a look at these effective ways.

Local Security Guards

You can take help from local security services to make your event secure. They will send a professional and reliable security for your security. The security guard will visit your home a few days before the wedding so that he can analyze the entire location.

The best thing about hiring local security guards is that you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money for them.

Another advantage of hiring local security guards is that they are aware of all the problems that may occur in this location and they are familiar with the entire area so they can easily catch someone if an incident takes place.

Security Cameras

You can install the temporary security cameras at your home during the wedding. This will help you keep an eye on everyone who enters your home on the wedding day. There are different kinds of security cameras available that can be used for this purpose but we recommend that you must choose the top rated outdoor wireless Ip Cameras as they provide you the excellent level of security.

Asking a friend

You may ask a friend to help you make your event secure. That friend will take any eye on every person who enters your home on wedding day. The best thing is that your friend knows all the other friends so he won’t let any stranger enter the home unless he confirms who the stranger is.

Tips for choosing a wedding venue

At the time of planning your wedding, the most important decision you make is the reception/ceremony venue. Here we’re going to talk about a few things that you must keep in your mind when you’re about to choose your wedding venue. Taking a look at these tips will help you save a lot of money on your wedding day.

Consider the weather

Considering the weather is always wise, regardless of when or where you’re planning a wedding. You must ask about the policies of venue because no one can guarantee the perfect weather on their wedding day. You’ll be able to stay secure from a lot of stress if you choose a venue that has a backup for the rainy weather.

You must also make sure that the reception and ceremony venue of your wedding is completely insured. And you must ask the administration about what does the insurance cover.

Review a sample contract

Before signing your own contract, you must ask the administration to provide you a sample contract so that you may recognize the costs involved. Some expenses that you might not have expected will also be there in the sample contract such as taxes, parking fees, food and beverage minimums etc.

Flexibility of dates

Have you thought of getting married on the weekday, if you’re planning on a budget? Some menus offer lower minimums or a discounted rate for different days of the week while the most popular days for weddings are weekends.

Don’t feel shy to ask your potential venues if they offer such a facility. If you live in Austin you can easily find super cheap wedding venues in Austin TX for weekends as well. Getting married in the off season will also help you save a lot of money.

Use what’s around

You’ll find a multitude of design elements and décor in most of the venues. You can use that as your wedding theme. Look around to find such kind of elements once you’ve found a suitable venue that meets your needs.

For example, at a vintage-styled wedding, authentic antiques can blend in well. Thus, you’ll be able to save plenty of money that you have to spend on purchasing or renting other decorations. A venue that is always furnished with chairs, linens, and tables, can help you save a lot more money.


This is what many wedding experts suggest when it comes to saving the money when you’re planning for the wedding. Having the ceremony and reception at the same venue helps you save a lot of money for traveling and many other things.

Paying fees for two separate locations can be a lot more expensive so try to reduce the costs by choosing a single location for both the functions. If you pay the full amount in advance, you may also ask the administration to offer you some kind of discount.

How to Save on Your Wedding Costs: Hire an Affordable DJ!

Wondering how to cut your wedding costs? Of course, you want everything to be great during the big day, but you’re working on a very tight budget.

Hiring an affordable wedding DJ is a good idea to reduce the amount you’ll have to spend for your wedding preparations. Even though you’ve hired a wedding DJ at a low cost, you can still have the quality entertainment that you desire for your wedding reception. You won’t get a low-quality wedding DJ as long as you play your cards well.

Gather recommendations for DJ services

Search for references for skilled yet affordable DJ services in your location. You can ask your friends if they know someone who is very good at performing as a DJ at wedding receptions. Maybe one of them has enlisted the service of an excellent wedding DJ. Ask about how that certain DJ performed at the event. After you’ve gathered enough referrals, get the contact numbers of the DJ service providers recommended by your friends.

Talk to your prospective DJs

As you’re having a conversation with the DJs over the phone, take note of how they behave and present themselves to you. Remember those who sound interesting and professional. A DJ with a great sense of humor is also an ideal host for a wedding reception. You should look for these qualities when deciding who the best DJ is for your event.

Request for quotes

Don’t be afraid to ask about any additional or hidden charges for your wedding reception. Compare the prices and quality of all the DJ services you’re considering. This will narrow down your options, making it easier for you to decide the best wedding DJ to hire for your wedding reception.

Looking for an affordable wedding DJ can be very challenging. But your hard work will definitely pay off once you see the DJ perform well at your event and after you compute the savings from hiring a DJ at an affordable rate.


How to Find the Best Master of Ceremonies for Your Wedding Reception

The master of ceremonies of your wedding reception can make or break your event. The MC implements the reception program as planned. He makes several important announcements—from the arrival of the newlywed couple to their departure for their honeymoon. When nothing is going on, the MC entertains and interacts with the audience to prevent dead air. The MC also organizes toasts and keeps the party in a festive mood and at the right pace.

Because an MC has so many tasks in his hands during your wedding reception, you have to choose the right one who can handle the job excellently. You need a great MC who can help you make your wedding reception a memorable event for you and your guests.

Assess the MC’s hosting skills and personality

A great MC possesses the right skills and personality to do the hosting job very well. Choose someone who is outgoing and skilled at talking with any guest at the reception. You may want to hire an MC who has a great sense of humor to keep the audience entertained and engaged.

Aside from the talent to make the guests laugh, your MC should be respectable enough to sustain your guests’ attention.

Choose an MC with great public speaking skills

In any event or gathering, nobody appreciates an MC who frequently stutters as though it’s his first time to speak in front of an audience. Find someone who is comfortable and experienced at speaking in any event.

Hire a professional MC

You may opt to hire a professional MC if nobody from your family or friends can emcee your wedding reception. You can look for public speakers in your telephone directory. Or you can make things simpler by doing research online. Right here at BC Event Media, you can find the perfect professional DJ services with a master of ceremonies package.

Choosing the right MC for your wedding reception can be quite challenging yet a rewarding decision. When deciding which person is fit for the job, make sure that he can handle the job and pressure very well.


Wedding Entertainment Guide: What You Must Look for in a Professional DJ

To ensure that your guests will have a good time at your wedding reception, you need to hire a professional DJ who can provide high-quality entertainment. Acting as either the audio and lights technician or master of ceremonies for your wedding reception, the DJ is in charge of delivering non-stop music and well-functioning sound system for the event.

Experience and knowledge as a DJ

Check whether the person who will make the choice has proper experience and qualification. Figure out if the person has knowledge about being a DJ and how good he is at selecting the right DJ for an occasion as special as your wedding.

Actual performance in a wedding reception

Check how the DJ performs in a wedding reception. Most DJ service providers can provide you with video demos that you can watch to see if their DJs are good at hosting your wedding party. While viewing the videos, observe how the DJs interact with the party guests. You can also find online video demos at the sites of DJ service providers. Seeing the DJ in action can help you find the best DJ for your special event.


Find out if the DJ has prior training in performing at wedding receptions. If the DJ has little or no experience with the job, you may opt to look for a better DJ.

Wedding song selection

The song selection offered by the professional DJ is also an important consideration when selecting the right one for your wedding reception. Hire a DJ who has a wide selection of old and new wedding songs. Watch out for any copyright violation, too. Find out if the DJ buys his own music or if he gets it illegally from the Internet.

Audio and lighting equipment

Besides the songs to be played, the audio and lighting equipment that the DJ will bring should also be checked before the day of your wedding reception.

To sum it up, you have to choose the best DJ for your wedding reception so that your guests will find your event to be a memorable and enjoyable one.